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Q and A with Jenni Dale Lord

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If you read my blog regularly, you know I dig for good music because I'm not going to hear it on the radio.

Then, sometimes, while on vacation, I randomly stumble onto something great.

The latter is how I found the Jenni Dale Lord Band. A working band. A full bar set. With lots of covers. But the originals were what drew me in.

Jenni Dale Lord was gracious enough to do a Q and A session with me. Here are the results.

First of all, thank you so much for doing this.
Thank you for choosing me to partake!

You were in Austin for a number of years and then moved to Lubbock. That seems like the opposite of what most musicians would do. What prompted the move? Is Lubbock home? Was it something about the Austin scene?
Lubbock is home. Truthfully, my move from Austin to Lubbock had nothing to do with music. I went through some life changes and needed to be closer to my family. I actually quit performing and decided to finish my degree at Texas Tech. It just so happens music wouldn’t let me go, and now, here I am - doing what I love most, what I’ve always loved most.

Was it anything like Mac Davis’ song “Texas in My Rearview Mirror” only on a statewide level?Well, I don’t know about that, but I must confess, I am glad to be back. When I left, people said Lubbock would suck me back in someday. I said, “heck, no!” I was wrong. Obviously. Lubbock is not the city I remember leaving. It’s grown. I’ve grown. And now, we seem to fit really well together.

Of course, all songs that an artist writes are personal. With songs like “The Music, Man” and “True Love” you touch on feelings that music is much more than just an art or a an expression, but rather music is a living, breathing force that lives inside of you. Is that accurate?
It’s certainly pretty close. Music is alive. But more than that, music makes me alive. It’s who I am. It’s what I am. I have learned that without music, I am not complete. So, yes, music is my “true love” as much as it is an extension of my true self.
As a music lover, certainly you’d agree that music is a force. It has the potential to touch every emotion within you. It has the capability to move you to action. Music has the power to do many, many things.

Your first record was Jenni Dale Lord. Your latest album is Jenni Dale Lord Band. How important is that distinction to you?
Jenni Dale Lord (the album) is a collection of songs. I was a solo artist granted the amazing opportunity to record in a brand new studio (Crossroads Recording Studio) as the first full length project from a newly instituted program at Texas Tech. I had never really considered how I wanted my songs to sound outside of just a girl and her guitar. I gathered a group of really talented musicians who put their spin and interpretation of the songs, and an album was made. It was a big step for me, and I’m proud of the work that was created.
Jenni Dale Lord Band is a group of people who come together and seriously mold each moment of music. Every single detail is created with the utmost care and forethought. Add in months and months of preparation and practice, and you have The Band. Jenni Dale Lord (the person) is still involved in every aspect of the music. The Band is just another way to express herself.

I’ve given up on trying to define music genres. There is only one that I’m interested in and that’s called “music I like”. Anything else, I’m not concerned. That being said, how would you describe your music?
That’s always the hardest question for me. If I must pick a label, “Americana” seems to suit it pretty well. I joke I’m Donny and Marie all rolled into one - a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll. Throw in some blues and musical influences from all over the world, and there you have it.

What’s next for the Jenni Dale Lord Band? New record? Shows? Tour?
We are preparing to make a new record to be released in 2016. We’re tightening things up and getting ready to head into the studio. But we are still touring. You can go to our website for our schedule.

I like to lighten things up a bit at the end, so here are five questions just to get to your personality, if you'll indulge me.You’re in Texas, your answer may be judged. Is there a difference between a cookout and a barbecue? If so, what is the difference?
Of course there is a difference! BBQ is smoked meat that takes hours of preparation to do correctly. And I love it all.
A cookout involves any type of cuisine as long as it’s made outside on a grill (or any other propane cooker) with friends and beer.

Stranded on an island, what are the three albums you have?
Etta James - Peaches
Ani Difranco - To The Teeth
John Mayer - Continuum

I don’t like the term “guilty pleasure” because I own it all. But what do you like that all your friends/family/bandmates give you grief?
Barbra Streisand - I love everything she does.

The one song you would like to perform with which artist. Think outside the box.
Does He Love You - Reba McEntire

Right about now, how much do you regret agreeing to this?
Just a little.

Any parting thoughts?
I want some ice cream. Oh, and thank you.

Jenni Dale Lord Links:

This song was mentioned in the Q and A. And for good reason. Here is "True Love" from the album Never Let Go.

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