Wednesday, May 13, 2015

SVP and Russillo

Scott Van Pelt (SVP) has an amazing opportunity to host a late night SportsCenter on ESPN. Good for him. He deserves it. One of the best in the business.

However, that also means that the SVP and Russillo radio show will come to an end. That bums me out a bit. Van Pelt, along with co-host Ryen Russillo, had become a part of my life. My life is pretty good, so while listening to the podcast was not the highlight of every day, or even most days, it was the highlight of some days. It was enjoyable every day.

With the announcement on Tuesday's show, Van Pelt said that although it was difficult at times, he knew that people that would get it would find it. I found it. I got it.

I had been vaguely aware of the show due to catching it on TV when I was off work. Then, about two or there years ago, I discovered podcasts. That's when I started listening regularly. And to really get it, you had to listen regularly.

Sure, the show was sports talk. It covered all the current sports events and talking points. But so much more nuanced than that. Never swinging for the low hanging fruit, as Scott liked to say, he and Ryen most often had the most logical and reasoned takes on everything. It was like my buddy and me talking sports and other stuff. And the other stuff is where the show shined.

When SVP and Russillo went off the rails, that was the best entertainment out there. From Ryen joining "Big Blue Nation" to Scott having no clue as to his travel itinerary. From Ryen's California real estate fetish to Scott's weather nerdiness. While listening, it just felt like hanging out with buddies.

While I'm sure other shows value immensely the behind-the-scenes personnel, Scott and Ryen gave those people a voice. Anybody who listens to the show knows Stanford Steve. And where else would Outsider Mike get that kind of platform? While I don't know that either one could carry half the weight of a three hour broadcast, what they brought was gold. And Scott and Ryen knew that and let them shine.

I know I wrote a lot in the past tense, but the show will go on in its current form for a while. I just wanted to get this out there before it is past tense.

Good luck guys. And thank you.

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