Wednesday, December 3, 2014

College Football Committee Rankings

Ok, so the committee came out with their penultimate rankings on Tuesday. Everybody is up in arms from Waco to Tallahassee.

There is still a very interesting weekend of football to be played.

But here's where the committee got it wrong. Florida State should not be in the top four. Yep, they're lucky to still be there. And what's funny (or hypocritical) is that the many of the same pundits decrying the Seminoles' rank are the same one's that dismissed past undefeated teams such as Boise State. Their mantra at the time was that Boise would not be undefeated had they played an SEC schedule. So, apparently the same doesn't apply for FSU.

Hey, this is uncharted ground for everyone. Let's see what happens.

If I were a Baylor fan, I'd be pissed. Head to head should matter. But it doesn't and never has. Ask Longhorns fans.

All I'm saying is that the committee got it mostly right. As of today. We'll see what happens after this weekend's games. They only really have to get it right once.

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