Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Favorite Band Is Not a Sellout

Never understood it. Never will.

What's that, you ask? Perfectly legitimate question.

Why is it that fans of an artist take it as a personal assault when their favorite underground band/artist makes it big? Never understood it. Never will.

Personally, I take as validation to my taste in music. Finally, everybody else gets it.

And why would you begrudge your favorite band of financial success? You really think their goal was to cater to their 20 original fans forever? Don't think so. They have dreams of world domination.

I remember the first time I heard Guns 'N Roses. Heard "Paradise City" on a radio station on a trip to the "big city". I bought the cassette before I left for home.

I played it for everyone I knew. Their reactions were basically "Meh".

"Sweet Child O Mine" was released as a single about four months later. Suddenly, everyone owned a copy of Appetite for Destruction.

Probably not the best analogy for my point. But you really should be happy when your favorite band makes it big. That only validates your support for them.

The reason I spotlight artists and albums here is because I want them to become more successful. Now, if they become successful and start making crap music, you won't hear anything about them here. But that's on them, not me.

Support your favorite bands/artists and take joy in their success. As long as it's not One Direction.

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